Quick Edit | Polarising verdict

Quick Edit | Polarising verdict

Sedition is a serious offence and if Binayak Sen is indeed guilty of this crime, he deserves the life in jail that a Chhattisgarh court sentenced him to.

But a serious offence requires serious proof, and while this newspaper would hate to second guess a court, reports about the trial that appeared in several publications would seem to suggest that the evidence is, at best circumstantial and, at worst, inconclusive.

The good doctor’s trial has become a bit of a cause celebre. There are as many liberals seeking his release as there are right-wingers seeking his sentencing.

Given this, it is all the more important that a call be taken on the basis of hard evidence that can stand the scrutiny of any court in the land.

An appeal (and there will be one, it emerges) should ensure that, but until then, the court’s Friday decision on Sen will likely polarize sentiments further.