Quick Edit | Monsoon wedding

Quick Edit | Monsoon wedding

As if there weren’t enough problems with political debate—flying flower pots anyone?—now the Commonwealth Games present a new malice.

Several politicians and administrators now routinely fall back on the “Indian wedding" analogy to somehow explain the Games mess. Sheila Dixit, M.S. Gill, bureaucrats and BJP politicians have all been overheard using the rapidly tiring metaphor. Forget the malba (Hindi for debris). Kindly dispose of this nonsense immediately.

There are parallels. At a wedding, last-minute problems can be solved by throwing money and manpower at them.

But the public doesn’t bankroll your son’s wedding. And you don’t demolish Connaught Place in the process.

In fact, it increasingly looks like hassled wedding planners will soon be saying: “Don’t worry. Like the Commonwealth Games, we will also somehow..."