Quick Edit | Dangerous disease

Quick Edit | Dangerous disease

It could well be the stuff of a science fiction plot: a group of men with a deadly disease are slowly infecting a population. The nature of the disease is such that detection is difficult. You could well say that doomsday was not far.

Union health minister Ghulam Nabi Azadconjured up one such health disaster on Monday. The difference being that his “disease" is not one caused by pathogens and nor is it communicable. It’s merely that of sexual preferences the minister does not approve of.

Azad labelled homosexuality unnatural and said “even though it (homosexuality among men) is unnatural, it exists in our country and is now fast spreading, making it tough for its detection". He denied it a day later.

One can only say that the minister should be better informed. His political intolerance is, of course, quite clear. Both shortcomings militate against India as a civil and humane society.