Mint 50: mutual funds to invest in

Mint 50: mutual funds to invest in

Mutual funds in the US manage around $11 trillion (around Rs509 trillion) in assets, serving at least 50 million households; 66% of households have more than half their savings in mutual funds.

India is at the threshold of a big boom in retail participation in managed funds through the mutual fund route. Regulatory action has made funds one of the most transparent and low-cost options for retail investors. Performance history of more than a decade has proved that managed funds can deliver cost-plus returns, that beat the benchmark by at least 3-5 percentage points.

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How to use Mint 50

Putting Mint 50 together

To analyze and download the Mint 50 fund listings, go the online interactive tablehere

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With clarity as its core mandate, Mint has worked the last three years to remove the fog of obfuscation around business, economy and finance. Mint 50 is yet another step in this direction. The personal finance team, lead by mutual funds editor Kayezad E. Adajania, has put together a list of 50 funds that are investment worthy. As a first filter, we used star ratings from global mutual fund tracker Morningstar and shortlisted 292, three-, four- and five-star rated funds. A qualitative process that includes portfolio, fund manager and expense ratio analysis, got us down to 50 across equity, balanced and debt funds. We’ll audit the portfolio every quarter for rogue funds or managers and churn it once a year, if needed. Do send us your comments at