Quick Edit | A privacy law, finally

Quick Edit | A privacy law, finally

At last the Union government is getting its act together in giving Indian citizens a privacy law. Such a law should give some level of comfort to citizens that personal data, disclosed to multiple private and public agencies, is not misused.

As reported in Mint today, there may be exceptions, especially on grounds of national security, when provisions of the law may be relaxed. This is an acceptable compromise given the uncertain environment we live in.

The test of the law, however, will come when it is implemented and its provisions are enforced. If, as is the case with other laws, this aspect is weak, then it will be as good as not having a law at all.

It’s not clear as to what tools the government has to enforce it. One thing is clear: Because of the decentralized nature of data sought to be protected, adding a layer of enforcement officers won’t help implement the law.