Quick Edit | Commonwealth woes

Quick Edit | Commonwealth woes

The lucky people living in other cities where this paper is read might not know this, but New Delhi is under siege.

By air, dust and suspended particulate matter assail the lungs of the 17 million residents of the city.

By land, ambitious refurbishing and construction projects have disrupted roads and pavements, forcing traffic to crawl and pedestrians to risk life and limb darting across roads or traversing pavements pretending to be steeple-chase courses.

There’s been no attack by water, but then New Delhi is landlocked.

Behind these attacks is the Commonwealth Games, or the city’s rush to be ready for the October edition of what India hopes will be its dress rehearsal for the Olympics.

The climax of the military campaign will come during the Games, when the city’s residents will even find it difficult to commute to work.

The city’s administrators have promised residents a better, cleaner, greener city, but in economic terms, the net present value of this is still negative.