Note to readers

Note to readers

Dear Reader,

Over the past week, Mint has reported extensively on the findings of the National Sample Survey Office that seem to indicate that only about two million new jobs were created in the period between fiscal years 2004 and 2009, as compared with 62 million in the previous five years.

The reports have created a stir among economists and the government, with some supporting them and others criticizing them.

In an effort to keep the debate on the critical issue alive, Mint has asked some of its edit page columnists and other experts to present their points of view.

We launch the series with a column by the man behind the survey, India’s chief statistician TCA Anant. Suggesting that Mint’s reports are confused, he and his co-author Rajiv Mehta argue that the fall in the number of jobs created is on account of a radical improvement in the country’s social development indicators that has resulted in: fewer people taking up multiple jobs, and more children, young people, and women staying back in school and college.

R. Sukumar