India Inc investments, an impressive Rs1,75,629 cr

India Inc investments, an impressive Rs1,75,629 cr

New Delhi: India is set to become a potential goldmine as investment announcements surge to 1,75,629 crore for August-September 2007, bulk of which will go to Petroleum sector, especially in Orissa and West Bengal, according to Assocham’s Eco Pulse Study on ‘Investment Announcements’.

The AEP tracked 70 companies in the private sector with investments plans ranging between 2-10 years across the petroleum, steel, hospitality and real estate sectors.


* Petroleum sector attracted maximum number of investment announcements, totaling 53,300 crore with IOC and Reliance Group, planning to mop up 43,500 crore and 8000 crore, respectively

* Orissa attracted whopping investment plans of 55,800 crore, especially in steel and oil refinery capacity reflecting the high investment spree by companies in core infrastructure sector

* West Bengal was rated second with major public private partnership projects in the offing and investment worth 31,200 crore (Jai Balaji and IOC)

* Mumbai continued to remain most favoured location by service-based companies with 8,500 crore capex plans in hospitality, entertainment and IT announced

* Fast growing city of Pune attracted 1,334 crore investment helping put Maharashtra at No 3 on investment radar with total planned mop up being 9,834 crore

* With major expansion activity under way, cement and steel sector attracted investments from leading corporates totaling 28,300 crore

* Growing real estate sector saw investment announcements of 18,750 crore

* Hospitality sector attracted major share of investments with tourism sector growing at an average of 19.97%

*Automobile sector ranked fifth on account of the only investment made by Mahindra and Mahindra worth 6,400 crore for setting up research centre in Chennai

* Delhi took a back seat and ranked 12th with low investment announcements of 1,125 crore despite being the hub of major economic and political activities

Top ten states with investments (in crore)

1. Orissa 55,800

2. West Bengal 31,200

3. Maharashtra 9,834

4. Andhra Pradesh 8594

5. Kerala 6000

6. Karnataka 5045

7. Gujarat 4032

8. UP 2410

9. Rajasthan 2000

10. Chennai 1725

Top Ten Sectors (in crore)

1. Petroleum 53,300

2. Steel & Cement 28,300

3. Real Estate 18,750

4. Hospitality 8,660

5. Automobile 6,400

6. Retail 6,200

7. Media 4,850

8. IT 3,140

9. Pharmaceuticals 2,100

10. Telecom 1,872