Quick Edit | Musharraf’s confession

Quick Edit | Musharraf’s confession

In a recent TV interview, Pakistan’s former ruler General Pervez Musharraf said something that Indians have long suspected, but had no proof of. The generals in Islamabad had modified weaponry meant to fight the Taliban and diverted it for anti-Indian purposes.

There is something in Pakistan’s behaviour that has the air of self-fulfilling prophecies. It is only their interpretation that differs. There are those who will exclaim, “See, they are so worried that they even divert weapons meant to fight the Taliban towards India." Others will exhale a satisfying “I knew it." There are yet others who will argue that the truth is more complicated.

That may be. The question is: what is the government doing to change things? Instead of making a realistic appreciation of the situation, our ministers are in the habit of running to the US and complaining about Pakistan’s bad behaviour. That won’t help, as long as the US has interests in Pakistan.

That’s one lesson from the Mumbai attacks that has gone unlearnt.