The line of demarcation between success and failure is thin. Time is running out fast and the Commonwealth Games work is in a shambles. Corruption has led to inefficiency. The organizing committee must face the music for its lacklustre efforts and dilly-dallying. The way international sports authorities abroad are expressing dissatisfaction at the upcoming mega event is appalling. It is short of total boycott.

Workers clean a billboard outside the Commonwealth Games athletes village in New Delhi on Wednesday. Parivartan Sharma / Reuters Photo

In the run-up to the 3 October -14 October Games, the event which should have highlighted India as an emerging global power is threatening to turn into a national embarrassment.

In the light of India’s past record in the Games, we can optimistically look forward to a spirited performance from our sportspersons on their home turf.

Following is a timeline of events


22 September 2010 | Several big name athletes have pulled out of the Commonwealth Games citing security and health worries, adding to woes of an event meant to showcase India’s ability to stand up with the likes of China on the world stage. Read story

21 Septenber 2010 | The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) has given the organizing committee two days to fix the facilities at the village even as the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) intervened to demand an explanation from all concerned agencies. Read story

21 September 2010 | Quick EditMore blows for Games

21 September 2010 | A footbridge under construction at the main stadium for the Delhi Commonwealth Games collapsed on Tuesday, injuring up to six labourers, an AFP reporter and police said. Read story

21 September 2010 | Piling on the embarrassment for the organizers, Commonwealth Games Federation chief executive Mike Hooper on Tuesday termed the Athletes Village as “filthy and uninhabitable" but hoped that with Commonwealth Games Federation president Michael Fennell’s intervention, the mess would be sorted out in the next two days. Read story

20 September 2010 | The Commonwealth Games will be safe, organizers insisted Monday after a weekend gun attack sparked new security fears as the city gears up to host thousands of athletes. Read story

16 September 2010 | Beset by stories of corruption, a dengue epidemic and leaking roofs of stadia, Commonwealth Games authorities showed off new venues in the face of a

Workers clear the debris from a pedestrian bridge that collapsed outside Jawaharlal Nehru stadium, the main venue for the Commonwealth Games, in New Delhi on Tuesday. AP photo

storm of media criticism amid worries the Games, a showcase for this emerging global giant, could be a disaster. Read story

08 September 2010 | Just a week left for an international team to fly in for a final inspection and the Commonwealth Games Village still looks like an island in the Yamuna. Unable to drain the rainwater that has collected, which is breeding mosquitoes, a desperate Delhi government has decided to call in the army. Read story

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20 August 2010 | All allegations of corruption against Delhi Commonwealth Games organizers should be probed, CGF chief Mike Fennell said as he wrapped up a two-day inspection of the venues by identifying some areas of concern which need to be addressed immediately. Read story

19 August 2010 Two state-run firms have withdrawn their sponsorship of the Delhi Commonwealth Games due to “negative publicity" of the event stemming from allegations of graft and mismanagement. Read story

18 August 2010 | Quick Edit Paying for their own

15 August 2010 | Quick Edit PM at the Games

14 August 2010 | Against the backdrop of a spate of controversies surrounding the Commonwealth Games (CWG), Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will hold a meeting with the ministers concerned on Saturday evening to review preparations for the mega event to be held in October. Read story

10 August 2010 | Mint deviates from the scandals emerging on an almost daily basis to look at ten things that need to be completed to ensure the Commonwealth games will be held at all. Read story

06 August 2010 | Suresh Kalmadi, the man at the centre of the controversies surrounding the Commonwealth Games (CWG) survived to fight another day, but three of his aides were suspended by the Games’ organizing committee (OC). Read Story

06 August 2010 | From leaking venue roofs to inflated orders of taxis and mobile toilets, rows over New Delhi’s Commonwealth Games have prompted Indian soul-searching and piled pressure on the embattled ruling Congress party. Read story

03 August 2010 | The Commonwealth Games seem to be sinking deeper into the quagmire as reports of corruption, faked certificates and unending construction delays become rife. Read story

03 August 2010 | The growing allegations about the mismanagement of funds by the organizers of the Commonwealth Games provided ready ammunition to the opposition parties in Parliament as they trained their guns on the ruling Congress. Read story

02 August 2010 | The government’s plans to create a sizeable cushion to tide over any power shortage that could arise during the Commonwealth Games (CWG) suffered a setback following a delay in commissioning two proposed units of 500MW each. Read story

28 July 2010 | The spiralling expenditure on the Commonwealth Games implies a heavy opportunity cost, while the benefit will only be a few moments in the limelight. Read story

28 July 2010 | The Congress has disapproved of the public sparring between Mani Shankar Aiyar and Suresh Kalmadi over the Commonwealth Games, saying senior leaders of the party should speak responsibly when they reply to any issue in public. Read Story

22 July 2010 | The organizing committee of the Commonwealth Games (CWG) has floated 19 tenders for which the bidding deadline varies from as few as two days to a maximum of 21 days. Read story

20 July 2010 | India aims the Commonwealth Games will be a showcase of its economic clout, but with less than three months to go, the world’s third largest sporting event is instead laying bare its perennial infrastructure problems. Read story

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23 march 2010 | Delhi’s Congress government has, citing a law that bans the sale of beef in the city-state, said it wouldn’t be on offer to athletes and support staff during the Games, according to Raj Kumar Chauhan, minister for revenue and the public works department. Hindus consider the cow to be a holy animal. Read story

Quick Edit | Pehle aap and all that

04 march 2010 | The government has reinstated Sanjiv Mittal, a financial expert who was ousted from the Commonwealth Games (CWG) organizing committee by its chairman Suresh Kalmadi almost a fortnight back in what was perceived at the time as a snub to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). Read story

18 February 2010 | With less than 230 days left for the Commonwealth Games (CWG), an internal audit by the organizing committee in the first week of February revealed that none of the key logistics such as security, accommodation and transport to move officials as well as athletes have been completed by the 16 February deadline. Read story

15 February 2010 | A delay of nearly four months in reaching a decision appears to have almost jeopardized the international broadcasting, security and data networks of 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games (CWG). Read story

13 February 2010 | In five police stations across Delhi, batches of 50 policemen--constables through inspectors--go through their classes in a day-and-a-half; with 16 such batches per police station, which translates into 4,000 policemen per month. Read story

05 January 2010 | Delhi’s chief minister is nervous about the hosting of Commonwealth Games in the capital but the event’s Organising Committee head Suresh Kalmadi assures that all is well with the preparations despite umpteen delays. Read story

26 November 2009 | Where there’s a few million dollars of expenditure, there’s usually an economic study pondering how the money was spent. This is particularly true of big-ticket sporting events such as the Olympic or Commonwealth Games. Even as the cost of hosting the Olympics touched a dizzying $40 billion in Beijing last year—more than the entire gross domestic product of Sri Lanka—the literature on the economic effects of such games has grown. Most scholars see only negative economic benefits to hosting these events. From past studies, Mint culls five key conclusions and transplants the benefit of their hindsight into Delhi’s preparations for the Games. Read story

16 November 2009 | With less than a year left, work is being accelerated on Games venues and city infrastructure, but for construction workers it hasn’t meant boom times. Read story

09 November 2009 | India needs to draw up a comprehensive long-term sporting program so that the money that’s being spent on the Commonwealth Games doesn’t go down the drain. Read story

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05 November 2009 | Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has decided to get involved in the effort to get the Capital ready for next year’s Commonwealth Games, seeking to avert a potential national embarrassment on account of shoddy preparations for the country’s biggest sporting event in 27 years. Read story

05 November 2009 | India has more than doubled the funds allotted for the 2010 Commonwealth Games and is convening a special meeting of the Union cabinet to review preparations. The decisions by the cabinet come after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh decided to become involved in preparations for the Games that have come in for significant criticism in the past few months. Read story

28 October 2009 | Earlier this year, the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) produced a report that evaluated the progress of Delhi’s preparation for the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Read story

01 October 2009 | Real estate developer Emaar MGF Land Ltd, preparing for an initial public offering, will have to pay the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) a penalty if there is a delay in the completion of the Commonwealth Games Village project. Read story

03 June 2009 | After the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) bailed out real estate developer Emaar MGF Land Ltd by agreeing to purchase 333 flats at the Commonwealth Games Village for Rs700 crore, the civil contractor for the project says that it had received most of the dues that Emaar MGF owed. Read story

15 March 2009 | The 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi could be cancelled if a security assessment one month from the start deemed them unsafe to proceed, said a leading Australian official. Read story

08 March 2009 | The Commonwealth Games Village in Delhi is unlikely to be completed on time because of alleged delays in payment by the developer, Emaar MGF Land Ltd. Read story

04 March 2009 | The 2010 Commonwealth Games will adopt security methods similar to those used at last year’s Beijing Olympics, its chief said, allaying fears the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team could scupper the event. Read story

06 January 2009 | The global economic meltdown has hit the preparation of 2010 Commonwealth Games and Indian Olympic Association president Suresh Kalmadi Tuesday said the budget for the mega-event will be increased in view of the financial crisis. Read story

04 December 2008 | The Union government is concerned about the pace at which infrastructure projects sanctioned for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi are being built and the availability of hotel rooms in the Capital for the event. According to Union minister for science and technology Kapil Sibal, the Centre has formed a group of ministers (GoM) to monitor the construction work. Read story

24 March 2008 | The Union government appears to have made sure that construction of the Commonwealth Games Village on the ecologically sensitive Yamuna riverbed will continue, despite at least two scientific studies concluding that no permanent structures should come up in that area in order to protect the flood plain. Read Story

08 March 2008 | State-owned India Tourism Development Corp. Ltd (ITDC) has embarked on a makeover worth Rs170 crore at more than half of its 15 properties ahead of the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, a senior executive said. Read story

18 July 2007 | The initiative is an attempt to address what is expected to be a shortage of affordable rooms in the city during the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Read story