Quick Edit | Waiting for the thaw

Quick Edit | Waiting for the thaw

US-Iran ties don’t seem to be getting any better, what with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad making the habitually offensive characterization of 9/11 as some kind of conspiracy. On the other hand, is it a good sign that he avoided making public again his known views on the Holocaust?

Be that as it may, the Iranian president’s remarks at the United Nations may be discounted as being calculated to raise US hackles. More important perhaps is a perceived relaxation of Iran’s stance on nuclear fuel. The government may think about halting Iran’s 20% uranium enrichment plan provided the West gives it fuel for a medical reactor.

Given the suspicion with which Iran is regarded in the West, this isn’t likely to cut much ice.

Still, while President Barack Obama has to give back as good as he gets, the rest of the world should take what little comfort it can that both sides are still talking, if obliquely, to each other.