Quick Edit | Now even bills kill

Quick Edit | Now even bills kill

The world is rapidly running out of reasons to justify the occasional bucket of fried chicken or that Maharaja Mac with cheese.

Now, new research shows that fast food can harm you even if you don’t actually eat the food you buy. Just handling a copy of the bill will do.

A study by the Environmental Working Group says that 40% of bills handed out by fast food outlets and other businesses were coated with bisphenol A (BPA).

BPA mimics the hormone estrogen and is often found in thermal printing paper used commonly in fast food outlets, retail stores and automated teller machines. Unfortunately, animal tests have shown that BPA can impair reproductive and intellectual capacity, and even lead to obesity, diabetes and asthma.

This is bad news for people who like fried chicken or Happy Meals, and even worse news for the people who work at the cash counters