PM says terrorism is a man-made disaster

PM says terrorism is a man-made disaster

New Delhi: Branding terrorism as a “man-made" disaster, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday said the scourge was looming large over Asian countries and could trigger disasters across the borders.

“The threat of terror looms large in many parts of the region and could trigger disasters across regions," he said at the second Asian conference on disaster risk management here.

“The modern societies should also come together to prepare for man-made disasters like industrial disasters or those caused by terrorism attacks," he said.

The Prime Minister also asked the international community to come together to tackle other man-made disasters like Avian-Flu and HIV-AIDS.

“We must also deal with health disasters like the spread of HIV/AIDS and Avian Flu," he said.

The biggest disaster is the catastrophic effect of climate change, he said adding, “the action of one nation can effect the actions of all other nations".

“I hope our region can come together to tackle man-made as well as natural disasters," he said.

Observing that disaster knows no political boundaries and everyone is equally vulnerable to it, Singh said, “This is one area where every nation can come together to find a collective and cooperative solution".

It is heartening to know that in recent years, nations have come together to help in rescue operations whether it is the tsunami or the earthquake in Jammu and Kashmir, he added.

“It is incumbent upon each one of us to develop effective national capabilities," the Prime Minister said adding, however, that “we need greater bilateral efforts and cooperation".