Photo: Zoho One
Photo: Zoho One

Why this is the right time for small and medium businesses to opt for cloud tech

The cloud is changing businesses for the better from simplifying processes to reducing manual work to lowering overheads.

Photo: Zoho One
Photo: Zoho One

The government is pushing for it. Banks have realized its worth. Customers have gotten used to expecting its flexibility and reach. It’s the cloud. From business behemoths to fledgling startups, the nation’s organizations are moving to it. The pay-per-user approach available from most cloud companies is beneficial for business of any size, especially startups to medium-sized enterprises. This is because the cloud puts an end to the large capital investment needed for installed systems, and gives every entrepreneur access to world-class software on any device.

Life in the post-CPU world

In the ‘post-CPU world’, the cloud is for more than just junk storage. By using dedicated data centres, most cloud companies can scale their operations to meet market conditions. When business is booming, they can increase their technology expenses; if sales decline, they can cut back to support the bottom line. The cloud brings flexibility and freedom from heavy capital expenditure, and has given rise to thousands of successful companies. Zoho One brings this power to customers of all kinds. From the multitasking solopreneur looking to set up shop to a medium-scale enterprise looking to take their next big step, Zoho One is for everyone. It is an end-to-end suite of applications that forms the operating system for business.

India is inching towards cloud nine

People in emerging economies are leapfrogging into the mobile data ecosystem. In fact, data usage grew fivefold between 2016 and 2017, a result of the plummeting prices for powerful smartphones and data plans. This ecosystem is only going to continue to grow.

Markets have opened up, and Indian companies are dreaming big. India is now the world’s largest growing e-commerce market, growing larger every day thanks to the rise of cashless payment companies (fintech) and outside investment. It’s clear that the next wave of growth in Indian industry will rely on the cloud.

India is now emerging as one of the world’s largest data powerhouses. The upcoming data protection act, similar to the GDPR in Europe, is expected to expand the reach of the cloud even further. Trust and reliance on the cloud in India is higher and more widespread than ever before. This is the right time for small and medium enterprises to scale up, and use the cloud to their advantage.

SMEs: For the next big leap

It is estimated that India has more than 5 crore small and medium enterprises that employ more than 10 crore people, and contribute to about a third of the nation’s economy. However, even today, a lot of these SMEs have yet to embrace the cloud and the growth it can bring. The time is now. A move to the cloud reduces the barriers entry SMEs used to confront by allowing them to provide customers with the same fantastic experience that the ‘big boys’ offer. And as more people adopt the cloud, the costs of the software go down and create a positive multiplying effect that brings even more people online.

Though the cloud is not new, India is barely at the tipping point. All that is needed is a leadership push from the large community of SMEs for the country to cross the digital threshold. Leaders should sit down with their decision-making team and set their cloud adoption strategies sooner rather than later. The cloud is changing businesses for the better— from simplifying processes to reducing manual work to lowering overheads.