Quick Edit | Games we should play

Quick Edit | Games we should play

Hosting sports events always invokes national pride. In India, it invokes pride in an economy on the rise.

The Commonwealth Games were, hence, touted as a national homecoming, until the seamier sides were exposed. So what reactions will Formula One and international football bring out? The first is poised to enter the Indian market while the other is interested in doing so.

Clearly, the key missing link here is the same as that in our economic story: infrastructure. As the Capital’s residents are finding out, the state’s capacity to deliver on this front is weak. And land battles leave the private sector’s ability still suspect.

Perhaps India should re-evaluate its priorities. Seeing how the general story of India’s rise is one of great domestic demand but poor supply, as long as this holds, we should be satisfied with becoming a country of great consumers (one that watches Chelsea play on TV) than one which produces great football matches.