Quick Edit | A forgetful nation

Quick Edit | A forgetful nation

Czech novelist Milan Kundera once suggested a battle between memory and forgetting. Given the historical grievances varied groups in India still foster, we would think memory usually wins here. Not this time.

A fortnight ago, India was venting about the Commonwealth Games. But as it came to a close on Thursday, the Games are the pride of the nation.

We imagine Indians will spend the next few days wondering about the turnaround. Was it the medal tally? Or the fact that no ceiling collapsed? Did the country overreact before the Games began?

We’re more concerned that the country will under-react after the Games. Congress chief Sonia Gandhi promised in August that the corrupt would be punished. Malfeasance hasn’t vanished. But if the memory of toilet paper costing Rs4,000 per roll fades away, and if a genuine grievance against shoddy infrastructure is forgotten, no one will be held accountable.