Quick Edit | Vignettes of 10 years

Quick Edit | Vignettes of 10 years

A few random thoughts for the last weekend of this decade.

Big changes are inevitable in any 10-year period. The noughties—the name given to the decade that is about to fade out—have naturally been no different.

The images say it all: Planes rammed into two towers in New York to puncture the bubble of post-Cold War US overconfidence. Crumbling sheets of Antarctic ice that show that climate change is a reality even if you do not think too highly of Al Gore’s scare stories. Indian and Chinese leaders getting pride of place at international summits in recognition of the growing clout of these two nations. Astonished faces when you say that you are not on Facebook or Twitter.

Bleary-eyed kids lining up to buy the latest book on a boy wizard named Harry Potter. Your maid with a mobile phone in her hand and a child in an English school. Stunned bankers leaving their Wall Street offices as the world is days away from financial catastrophe. And the beggar children at your car window as you leave for a final party.