New Delhi: BuzzFeed, Facebook, CVS Health, Uber and Netflix are the world’s top five innovative companies of 2016, according to Fast Company, a US-based business magazine that focuses on technology, business and design. Bangalore-based InMobi and Noora Health, the only two Indian companies to make it to the list of 50 companies, were ranked 15th and 45th respectively.

The list of the world’s most innovative companies in 2016 and the ranking includes companies from sectors as diverse as entertainment, media, sports, healthcare and technology.

Not surprisingly, the companies that feature are those that are willing to take risks, work on bold new projects, disrupt the traditional ways of doing business and change the world. The list includes tech titans like Apple, Alphabet and Amazon; fast-food restaurant Taco Bell that combined corn, beans, meat and cheese; Netflix that churned out what the audience demands; and home rental Airbnb for democratizing authentic, local travel experiences. Most of the companies are based in the Silicon Valley, where innovation is the name of the game.

Here is the complete list:

Noora Health and InMobi: The two Indian companies

While mobile advertising company, InMobi is well-known, Noora Health is a lesser known Indian company, ranked 45th for improving the lives of surgery patients in India. The non-profit organization graduated from the start-up incubator Y Combinator in 2014, and trains doctors and nurses in local hospitals all over India to train groups of family members on basic care like checking the pulse, supervising patient care for those recovering from a surgery or even a lifestyle disease like diabetes. Noora uses an iPad app and offers videos, quizzes, and interactive content to impart this training for at-home recovery, while working to reduce hospital readmission rates.