New Delhi: Direct-to-home television company Tata Sky Ltd announced a partnership with Shorts TV, a London-based television channel dedicated to short films. The newly launched Tata Sky ShortsTV will come for a subscription rate of Rs. 75 per month besides being available on the Tata Sky website and mobile app. It houses about 2,000 titles in languages like English, Hindi and Tamil and from countries like Britain, Latin America, Russia, Germany and France, running into 600 hours.

“The point of the collaboration is to bring our international content together with local Indian films and create a platform that appeals to Indian viewers in an inexpensive way across the country," said Carter Pilcher, chief executive at Shorts International Ltd.

While the service brings some Indian films in partnership with Subhash Ghai’s film institute Whistling Woods International, critically acclaimed titles like Chutney, Ahalya, Shunyata, Aamad, Kheer, Arre Baba, Urmi’s Cat and Naughty Amelia Jane, currently out on the web, will also be available. International offerings include Academy Award and Sundance Film Festival movies like God of Love, Bear Story, Atlantic, Henry, Borrowed Time, Curfew, Blood Money, A Sense of History, Neighbours, Walls, Blue Season, Midnight of My Life and Picture Paris.

“The real value of this product is in curation. It’s been created in a way that it caters to every taste," said Arun Unni, chief content officer, Tata Sky adding that short format content is here to stay given that everyone is spending a lot of time on it. But the DTH company wanted to position itself as a provider of quality, and not commoditized content.

Unni emphasized that while some of the titles have been out on the web for a while, if a viewer is not aware of what those films are, there is no way to find them. Tata Sky ShortsTV will act as a convenient destination that brings them all together and ensures only premium quality content exists.

“As we go forward, we’re producing films with partners here in India and those will not go to the web but come to Tata Sky ShortsTV first," Pilcher said. “We spoke to all the platforms in the country and decided that the best fit for our type of content was Tata Sky. But we look to grow the service in the country in the next couple of years."