Quick Edit | For Fifa or country?

Quick Edit | For Fifa or country?

Should a government have control over how a local sport is managed?

According to Fifa, and other sporting bodies, political interference is taboo. Teams can be expelled from competitions if states influence administration.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan begs to differ. Following its poor performance at the World Cup, Jonathan has suspended the Nigerian team for two years. He says it will take that long to put things in order.

Fifa is upset and says it is preparing a response. Earlier, French President Nicolas Sarkozy was also warned for ordering an inquiry into the French World Cup fiasco.

But is political interference universal evil? Why should we assume that government has ulterior motives that local sports bodies don’t?

For an example of a sporting body begging for oversight and wilful intervention there is no need to go to Nigeria. A trip to the BCCI office in Mumbai will do.