GUTS Bill 2007 to be introduced in Parliament

GUTS Bill 2007 to be introduced in Parliament


New Delhi: The Urban Development Ministry (UDM) is all set to introduce a Bill in Parliament for control, operation and maintenance of rail-based urban transport system.

Tentatively named Guided Urban Transit System (GUTS) Bill 2007, the ministry has finalized the draft to be introduced in the coming session of Parliament,“ said the official.

The current structure of governance for the transport sector is not equipped to deal with the problems of urban transport. These structures were put in place well before the problems of urban transport began to surface in India and hence does not provide the right coordination mechanism to deal with urban transport, he added.

To overcome the problem of delay in land acquisition, the GUTS Act “will help in acquiring land and diverting public utilities for construction of rail-based transport system", said the official.

“Since the government is opening up for private players to invest in urban transport sector, the Act is essential to provide protection to them. It would provide legislative support for the construction, operation and maintenance of the system in cities," added the official.

While many states are opting for metro rail, a few states are keen for the sky train, monorail and light rail on elevated track.

Barring the Calcutta Metro Act 1978 which was extended to Delhi for construction of Delhi Metro, no state has enacted any law for rail-based transport system. The Delhi government later enacted Delhi Metro Operational and Maintenance Act 2002 for operation of the metro.