Quick Edit | Wennabe India

Quick Edit | Wennabe India

Now that Chinese premier Wen Jiabao has come and gone, it’s time to say a few home truths.

First, why must India, more particularly its officials and press persons, insist that every visiting dignitary “endorse" the country’s wish to get a permanent United Nations Security Council (UNSC) seat? More than anything else, it betrays a deep insecurity and shows the country in a poor light.

If a UNSC seat is to come our way, it will come from our strength, economic and political, and not from phoney endorsements from statesmen who know what to say in New Delhi.

It was particularly bad that newspaper headlines screamed that Wen made no mention of 26/11 and our efforts to garner a UNSC seat. Why should China, a known rival of India, notwithstanding smooth Chinese words, support our ambitions or share our concerns? Some common sense is called for here.