Four reasons why executive education can be beneficial for business leaders

Continuous learning is the key to maintaining a competitive edge. For many business heads, this starts with executive education.

Photo: SDA Bocconi Asia Center
Photo: SDA Bocconi Asia Center

Five. That’s the average number of new books that CEOs read each month.

In today’s global economy, ideas move across national boundaries and industries with unprecedented speed. Executives face a rapidly evolving marketplace in which problems do not neatly fit into marketing, finance, or operations packages. Leaders must adapt to the strategic challenges emerging from an interconnected world. Continuous learning is the key to maintaining a competitive edge. For many business leaders, this starts with executive education.

At the SDA Bocconi Asia Center, in Mumbai, the pan-Asian hub of SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy, executive education programmes provide a first-class platform for guided discussions, skills development, and networking.

Benefits of Executive Education Programmes

Open executive programmes can help high-performing professionals achieve their career goals by filling skill gaps, broadening perspectives, and connecting candidates with a strong network. On the other hand, custom programmes can help organisations achieve strong alignment between their managers and their strategies and goals, thus improving execution and performance.

1. Filling Skill Gaps

The rapid pace of global innovation requires executives not only to gain literacy in current technological trends, digital applications, and platforms but also to be able to connect that technical knowledge to their daily job. The ability to make this connection can often unlock the next step in career advancement. The SDA Bocconi Asia Center offers access to programmes and modules that practically teach core technological concepts, helping participants fill in the gaps in skill sets required by the modern workplace. For instance, the Executive Program in Business Analytics (EPBA) is designed not only to enable participants to understand predictive modelling, data mining and big data analytics but also to allow them to apply those tools to their decision making in marketing, operations, risk analysis, finance and other areas.

2. Broadening Perspectives

Today’s executives face a constant barrage of strategic opportunities, emerging trends and best practices that pop up from any corner of the globe. To successfully exploit these opportunities, future leaders must learn how to interpret shifting landscapes and adjust course and strategy with high-level execution. Moreover, even as the internet digitises job roles, processes, and even entire businesses, global leaders must be able to manage employees from an increasingly diverse set of cultures, backgrounds, and experiences.

Here, executive programmes broaden participants’ perspectives in several ways. For instance, batches usually always comprise a diverse, high-performing student cohort. This diverse group will challenge one’s currently held views, resulting in richer perspectives for all. Moreover, an experienced international faculty ensures that students always get a global perspective on the business areas that are addressed in the programmes. Finally, intense exchanges and study tours with SDA Bocconi in Milan and other schools in its network will put the finishing touches on mind-broadening international experience.

An example of this is the International Executive Masters in Business (IEMB), which has participants from an incredibly diverse background and work profile including expats. It is a rigorous program in Mumbai which gives professionals an opportunity to expand their horizons through a meticulous curriculum designed and taught by top-notch SDA Bocconi faculty. It includes two immersion weeks in Milan, which offer a unique learning and cultural experience, by combining lessons, company visits, exposure meetings and networking opportunities.

3. Building a Network

Strengthening skills and widening perspectives are two crucial developmental steps that mid-level managers need. An open executive education program will put you in the same room with other strong executives from a variety of industries and backgrounds. Working on cases, debating collaboratively, and developing new best practices with your classmates will allow you to create strong and valuable relationships. The SDA Bocconi Asia Center offers access to the coveted SDA Bocconi’s alumni network, allowing participants to enjoy career counsel, mentoring, and coaching support. Moreover, the Center organises frequent corporate events featuring guest speakers from a variety of industries. These events provide not only an expert take on current hot topics but also an excellent occasion for networking.

4. Improving organizational performance

Executive education can also be found as part of tailored programmes for individual companies. Corporations find themselves increasing their learning efforts not only to provide managers with a personal development path within the organisation but also to strengthen the organisational alignment between those managers and the company’s strategy. Because of this last point, custom executive programmes must be carefully designed according to the strategic needs of each company.

At the SDA Bocconi Asia Center, there exists a close link between the faculty and each particular company that comes in for a custom programme to design training modules that genuinely respond to the strategic needs of the organisation. After a deep dive into the organisational realities of our corporate customer, academic programme coordinators work hand in hand with the company’s management to develop a learning path that is tailored both in content and delivery. Previously, SDA has developed such programmes for corporates like Larsen & Toubro in Project Management and Future Group in Design Thinking.

About SDA Bocconi Asia Center

The SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan, Italy, inaugurated its presence in India in 2012 through MISB Bocconi catering mostly to the Indian audience. As MISB completes six years, the Mumbai-based school gets a new name, SDA Bocconi Asia Center, and a new scope, becoming SDA Bocconi’s pan-Asian hub, with a broader reach across India, the Middle East, China and the rest of Asia. SDA Bocconi, Italy recently earned the distinction of being 7th Worldwide in the Financial Times Rankings (2018) for Customised Executive Education. To know more about its Executive Education solutions, reach out at exedu@sdabocconiasiacenter.com