Quick Edit | Reliable sources

Quick Edit | Reliable sources

On Sunday, the Wikileaks.org website released over 90,000 documents called the Afghan War Diary concerning the use of lethal force by the US Army between 2004 and 2010 in the country.

As one website put it nicely, “It’s time to start shipping Alka-Seltzer to the Pentagon by the boatload."

WikiLeaks is shaking the foundations of investigative journalism. Whistle-blowers no longer need to confide to a newspaper or television channel. One email to Wikileaks.org will do.

The site never discloses sources, it verifies leaks and revels in its agenda to bare all, bar none.

So no more dark parking lots, Deep Throats or exclusive exposes. Instead, it makes sense to find a spot on WikiLeaks’ mailing list.

Not least because the site says it still has millions of submissions, including revelations on BP’s oil spill, that are pending verification.