Touché, Mr Tata

Touché, Mr Tata

Ratan Tata’s recent open letter to the people of West Bengal asking them to choose between a “prosperous state" (read Left Front government) or one “consumed by a destructive political environment" (read Trinamool Congress) was roundly criticized, including by a constituent of the Left Front, as “undesirable", “politically motivated" and “in bad taste".

That reaction has prompted a new missive from Tata’s public relations team, saying it is “not only the right but the responsibility of business and all concerned citizens to stand up in the face of irresponsible politics and the power of vested interests".

Business, the email to editors noted, must be allowed “the same freedom" as civil society, policymakers, politicians and parties which “never hesitate from commenting on business and policy".

Public relations hasn’t exactly been the Tata group’s strength in the Singur Nano debacle. But we applaud Tata’s attempt to get his views across, even if the email was sent as “not meant for publication".