Quick Edit | Arunachal and agony

Quick Edit | Arunachal and agony

One does not have to read Confucius to figure out what China says about Arunachal Pradesh.

Anger and the inability to settle the matter in its favour by arms often forces Beijing to issue outrageous statements. Its “anger" at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh visiting the state should also be seen in the context of the state assembly elections there.

Border disputes between India and China have been around for more than 50 years. But China’s stand with respect to Arunachal Pradesh is especially hypocritical. Until 1979, it raised no objections on the state being a part of India. In that year, it silently changed its position, something that Indian negotiators came to know during bilateral talks. India has never disputed Tibet being a part of China, though Tibetans loathe Chinese rule.

So, how would it sound if India began issuing statements every time Hu Jintao paid a visit to Lhasa? If foolish statements could alter geographic boundaries, the world would be an anarchic place. It is not. Chinese spokespersons should learn that, fast.