How far are we from the top?

How far are we from the top?

India put up its best ever show at a Commonwealth Games in the Delhi edition. Here is how the top performances of the country’s athletes match up against those by the best in their respective events.

Did You Know?

Kiribati: An island nation in the central Pacific Ocean, it’s one of the poorestcountries in theworld and is expected to be the first country in which all land territory disappears due to global climate change. Though English is its official language, most residents speak Gilbertese.

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The clincher

India’s Saina Nehwal won gold in the women’s badminton singles final on Thursday, clinching India the second spot at the Games.

“This was the toughest match of my career. I couldn’t sleep and I had a lot of tension. All Indian players face that here, but for me I only get it in finals."

Saina Nehwal (India) after winning gold in women’s badminton singles 19-21, 23-21, 21-13


Rising Wealth

India’s medal haul in Delhi compared with the country’s performance in previous editions (PDF)