Quick Edit | Tempus fugit

Quick Edit | Tempus fugit

The epic tennis match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut lasted 11 hours and 5 minutes. This battle in some ways is a reminder of a world that has been swamped by the culture of instant gratification and shorter attention spans.

We live in a world in which opinion can be tweeted in haiku-like 140 characters, poring over reference books has been replaced by the quick Google search, reading has been replaced by skimming through online content, multitasking has become a badge of honour and relationships melt over weekends.

Brevity and speed do have their advantages. How can we forget that this column is called a Quick Edit?

But Isner and Mahut have reminded us that there is value and even a certain majesty in human endurance and patience—the sort many of us once applied over long hours to conquer a tough math problem or to save a local cricket match in the dying light.