Ask Mint | On Investments

Ask Mint | On Investments

I had applied for the initial public offering of NHPC Ltd and was allotted some shares. I am a long-term investor and could stay invested for the next five years. Should I stay invested or book a loss and invest in some other stock?


With a five-year investment perspective, NHPC is a good investment bet and is likely to yield good returns. As far as the question of better investment is concerned, there are good opportunities; but given the low-risk profile of this stock, it is a good long-term investment bet.

I have two lots of short positions in State Bank of India and I am currently making profits. Should I book my profits or do you see the market gaining from current levels?


The markets are expected to break out on the positive side following consolidation, which is going on currently. In view of this analysis, it is a better idea to book your profit and consider taking a fresh call in the event of break above or below critical support and resistance levels only. State Bank of India has a critical resistance at Rs2,370 and support at Rs2,220.