Quick Edit | Thieves as policemen

Quick Edit | Thieves as policemen

The United Nations (UN) sometimes feels like a place where the game of chor sipahi (or, if you prefer, “cops and robbers") is played. The first round: one guy pretends to be the thief, the other the policeman. Next round: they switch.

That’s our best guess for why the UN decided to have Pakistan as head of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s governing body.

Pakistan, of course, has had fun playing thief. The father of the Pakistani atomic bomb, A.Q. Khan, has been accused of running a nuclear proliferation racket: selling secrets to North Korea and other upright global citizens. It now wants to play the cop.

The UN has every reason to suspect Islamabad’s credentials. That it still lets Pakistan assume this power is a mockery of its system.

Or perhaps, it’s a new strategy for world peace. Maybe the UN thinks that, in this game, who better than a thief to play policeman.