Quick Edit | Limited liabilities

Quick Edit | Limited liabilities

Every evil plaguing Delhi right now, from floods to dengue, have been attributed to Suresh Kalmadiand company. This is in addition to responsibility for CWG troubles.

Yet, little is being said about the private parties involved. After all, it is not Kalmadi who built leaky stadiums and third-rate swimming pools. Several contractors are party to the mayhem.

This is why the civilian nuclear liability Bill is so important. Currently, the debate revolves around the mechanics of identifying liability and quantifying compensation. But what about oversight?

The one lesson this debate can glean from Kalmadi is this: The government has always exhibited a spectacular inability to manage vendors. Contractors are often engaged at terms unfavourable to the exchequer. But when things go wrong they quietly slink away into anonymity behind Big Mother, who forgives all.