Quick Edit | Davos man packs a bag

Quick Edit | Davos man packs a bag

Important members of the global elite— including 125 Indian CEOs and five ministers —will next week travel to the Swiss ski town of Davos for their annual gabfest.

Davos man was known for an advanced sense of hubris till he was mugged by reality at the end of 2008. The meetings of the World Economic Forum in 2009 and 2010 took place against the backdrop of a broken global economy.

Despite a tentative recovery, there are ample risks all around: economic, environmental and political. Fresh ideas are needed.

Klaus Schwab, the impresario of the Davos meetings, said this week that the world is suffering from a “global burnout syndrome". The symptoms: being reactive rather than proactive and firefighting rather than thinking strategically.

The intellectual and strategic skills of Davos man will be put to test this year. Neither hubris nor panic will do.