Spectrum allocation must not hinder entry of new players: PM

Spectrum allocation must not hinder entry of new players: PM

New Delhi: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on 12 December said the limited and precious spectrum should be allocated in a manner that there are no entry barriers for new comers to ensure the competitiveness in the sector.

At the same time, no barriers should be created for the existing players, Singh said at India Telecom 2007 being held here, while demonstrating the government’s resolve to broad base the telecom sector with the clear objective of ensuring benefits for the subscribers.

“It should not create entry barriers to new comers or barriers to the continued growth of the sector," Singh said while directing that the revenue potential to the government must not be lost sight of.

He expressed concern saying that the spectrum availability can be a constrain for the growth of telecom sector in future. The Prime Minister said the government has taken steps for vacating air waves by the existing users.

He asked all the spectrum users to use this scare resource optimally “all technological options must be explored to maximise its utilisation."

Singh said the key issues in the spectrum policy should be correct pricing, fair allocation rules and a pro- competitive stance.

The Department of Telecom and the regulator have successfully enabled the rapid growth of this sector Singh said adding, “I believe that working closely with the independent statutory regulator, we can balance multiple objectives in a fair manner."