Quick Edit | Of blogs and Net gain

Quick Edit | Of blogs and Net gain

This year blogging celebrates 10 years of its inception. And Indian blogging has been around for at least eight of those. But that shouldn’t surprise.

Blogging is a concept that is quintessentially suited to the psyche of the argumentative Indian. The democratic, no-holds-barred convenience of starting a blog, publishing an opinion and then inviting comment, takes the roadside tea-shop gabfest on politics or cricket to a new level.

Little wonder then that, according to some estimates, around 3.2 million Indians today own a blog. And that number is growing.

But blogging need not be just the uncut voice of the masses. The platform can improve governance.

Policymakers often lament the biased treatment meted out to them by the media. Why not then start a blog to voice one’s opinion? Bereft of intermediaries, blogs could help lawmakers and ministries reach out to the public transparently.

From within the din of high commands and party mandates, honest, open voices will stand out.