Killing IIMs slowly

Killing IIMs slowly

The Union ministry of human resource development (HRD) refuses to accept independent Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs). That’s one reason why it insists on imposing one bad policy after another on the well-regarded institutes.

The recommendations of the ministry-appointed IIM review committee are the “latest of the best" in this regard. The committee has ruled out IIMs becoming fully independent. It has recommended the creation of a 15-member pan-IIMs board and reconstitution of existing boards. A committee led by the HRD secretary will make the initial selection.

This is certain to spell the end of any notion of independence IIMs may have harboured. The ministry’s senselessness is obvious. In its bid to control IIMs, it does not mind if they are destroyed in the bargain.

The recommendations say a lot about the geriatric ideas of our geriatric politicians. They continue to want economic growth and the engines that power it, such as IIMs, to remain in their firm control.