Rains 29% above normal in past week

Rains 29% above normal in past week

New Delhi: India’s key monsoon rains were 29% above normal in the week to 25 August, compared with 6% below normal rainfall in the previous week, the weather office said on Thursday.

The weekly reading, the second highest in the four-month long rainy season that began in June, was due to good showers over the eastern states of Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal, where the seasonal rains were scanty until last week.

Earlier, sources at the weather office told Reuters rains were above normal in the past week.

The improvement in weekly rains helped cut the seasonal deficit to 2% below normal in the past week from 5% below normal in the previous week.

Better rains this year compared with last year, when a severe drought cut rice and cane output, have raised the government’s hopes on taming high food inflation as planting areas for summer sown crops like rice, cane and oilseeds have improved.