Hyderabad: The Communist Party of India (CPI) expects unification of the party with the Communist Party of India (Marxist), or CPI-M, in next 4-5 years, says CPI general secretary Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy.

Reddy says most of the reasons that led to the split in the Communist movement in 1964 are irrelevant today, making a strong case for the coming together of the two parties. “It (the unification) should happen; otherwise both the parties will suffer. We have a feeling that the Left movement is in difficulty these days so there is no necessity for duplication of work by the two parties, doing same type of work," Reddy told PTI in Hyderabad.

“If we work together, there will be better results. I won’t say everything will change overnight but definitely there will be better results," he said. Reddy said on some of the issues, such as secularism, democracy and upholding the Constitution, the two parties are already working together in terms of campaigns and agitations.

“But on the question of unity, no direct talk till now," he said. However, he said there are positive signs from within the Communist Party of India (Marxist) for unification of the two parties. But, the leadership of CPI-M is yet to discuss the issue with the CPI, he said.

On what’s stopping the coming together of the two parties, Reddy said it’s for the CPI-M to say. “We feel they (CPI-M) want to discuss some issues which led to the split (in 1964). But what we feel is most of them are irrelevant today," he said.

Reddy recalled the split in the international communist movement and differences between China and Russia. The Communist party is no longer in power in Russia, while China has also changed its line, he said. “What we feel it (most of reasons for the split in communist movement in India) is irrelevant today because the times have changed so much (since 1964)," he said.

The two parties also don’t have differences as such on many domestic issues, Reddy said. “So, what we feel is we are prepared for a discussion on the subject (reasons for the 1964 split)," he said. A discussion on unity is likely to take place next year “because party congresses of our two parties have to take place". “So, we believe it’s possible," he said. On the time-frame for unification of the two parties, Reddy said, “I believe in the next four-five years; it must take place."

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