Quick Edit | Double trouble

Quick Edit | Double trouble

Tamil Nadu is in the grip of a particular class of con job. Enterprising criminals have unleashed a wave of “fake" scams where copies of original goods are sold to unsuspecting victims.

First there was a fake drugs scam in March. This was followed by fears of a fake food scam.

Then last week the government unearthed a fake marksheet scam during admission processes for engineering colleges. Around 50 students were caught submitting fakes, some of which may even have been photoshopped.

But the latest one takes the cake. Chennai police have apprehended two members of a large gang that ran a fake police station and a fake court in the city. Complete with a fake judge and a fake inspector. The fake offices were used to run an extortion ring.

The chief minister has promised an inquiry, leaving one wondering whether the spectacles in Tamil Nadu are getting a little too dark.