Quick Edit | Containing cyber China

Quick Edit | Containing cyber China

A spectre is haunting many quarters of the world, the spectre of China’s rise. Now, the world’s netizens have joined these quarters.

The Middle Kingdom’s geopolitical rise has already prompted countries to think about countering China in economic and military terms. There’s now evidence that the world may need to pursue containment?even?in?cyberspace.

M.K. Narayanan, India’s national security adviser, told The Times of London in a Monday interview that Chinese hackers tried to infiltrate computers in his office on 15 December—the same time US companies such as Google found they were targeted. Last week, Google said it would review its China operations.

This isn’t the first time multiple countries have faced a Chinese cyber offensive. In March, Canadian researchers uncovered operations against offices in 103 countries. Chinese hackers had targeted India’s foreign ministry in April 2008; government offices in the US, the UK, France and Germany had complained about such infiltration in 2007.

Isn’t it time for the netizens of the world to unite?