VCustomer sets up new facility in Mumbai

VCustomer sets up new facility in Mumbai

New Delhi:vCustomer, a leading provider of multi-channel customer support solutions, today announced the opening of its newest facility in Mumbai. This will cater to both international and domestic clients across the banking, insurance and finance, government, retail, consumer technology, communications and travel and hospitality industries.

This is the company’s fifth facility in India, supplementing its existing facilities in Delhi and Pune. The centre is located in Millennium Park, Navi Mumbai, one of the largest software parks in India.

The Millennium Park is equipped with the latest data communication facilities and redundancy capabilities, a pre-requisite for today’s 24x7 call-centre requirements. As part of its strategy to provide the highest quality services to its domestic clients that are at par with international standards, vCustomer has already designed this facility to ensure compliance with its ISO 9001:2000 certification standards.

The company plans to offer multilingual customer care services in 10 languages to start with. It plans to leverage its technology prowess and best practices that have been implemented across 35 large and small sized clients.

To target increasing sophistication and growing needs of the customer base, vCustomer will offer highly customized IVR services, thereby providing better customer management services at lower costs. Other technology driven solutions include the CRM platform supporting email and SMS based solutions, and business intelligence tools that provide analytics into customer behaviour and buying patterns.