Novatium’s infrastructure to use SUSE Linux Server

Novatium’s infrastructure to use SUSE Linux Server

New Delhi: Novatium Solutions, a fast growing utility computing service provider, will build its entire infrastructure on Novell Open Workgroup Suite, with Novell Identity Manager and eDirectory providing control over users and access rights.

A comprehensive infrastructure and productivity solution, it includes the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server which is a subscription-based computing system that uses a Nova netPC device that costs less than 10% the price of a standard PC.

The challenge was to build a simple, reliable and secure central infrastructure that would scale up to millions of customers, supporting applications, data storage and connectivity at a low total cost of operation.

Novell ZENworks will enable Novatium to distribute and maintain applications and system updates from their Chennai headquarters without the need for additional local staff, which keeps costs low and delivers the best service to Novatium customers. The directory allows Novatium to manage authentication, user profiles and attributes from a single point of control.

“We looked at various operating system and software alternatives that had some, but not all, of the elements we needed," said Vinod Gopinath, chief technology officer, Novatium.

“We found that the combination of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Novell eDirectory was able to provide enterprise-class scalability and integrated user authentication, management and security."

“To connect to most ISPs, you need an expensive PC with pre-installed software, a landline and subscription," said Saugata Chakrabarti, vice president, business development, Novatium.

A stripped-down, low-cost Nova netPC would have instant-on access to all services and applications a typical user needs, for a single low monthly fee. Of course, this model requires completely reliable backend systems and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Novell eDirectory combine to make that platform available.