Satyam and Arvato provide IT solutions to med-sized firms in Europe

Satyam and Arvato provide IT solutions to med-sized firms in Europe

New Delhi: Satyam Computer Services Ltd, a global consulting and information technology services provider, and Arvato Systems, the IT division of the Bertelsmann Group, have joined hands to provide innovative solutions and offshore services to the medium-sized enterprise market, der “Mittelstand" in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Arvato systems chose Satyam as an exclusive partner after a comprehensive vendor evaluation process. Satyam’s global scale and ability to provide world-class talent immediately, and from anywhere, played key roles in its selection.

Its capabilities in application development, ERP, and information management systems were also important factors for the Bertelsmann Group subsidiary.

This partnership will leverage the strengths of both companies. Satyam will benefit from Arvato systems’ extensive subject matter expertise and three decades of experience in Europe’s largest services market. At the same time, Arvato systems gains an IT services delivery model that combines proven, innovative solutions and global sourcing.

As a result, numerous customers—mid-sized companies account for a substantial portion of the German economy—will benefit from rapid, enduring solutions.

According to Keshab Panda, Satyam’s director, SVP & head of European operations. “Mid-sized companies in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland will benefit tremendously from the optimized solutions this alliance will deliver. In addition, we look forward to leveraging Arvato systems’ market presence in the region to drive our customers’ future competitive strength."

“Satyam has a proven track record of successful growth, and is committing significant assets to the successful execution of this partnership. Our clients stand to benefit significantly from this business model. They will be able to increase their competitiveness and react with more flexibility on business requirements."

“Medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of the economy throughout the Germanic Region," said Peter Heij, head of Continental Europe for Satyam.