IBM to help find effective treatment for dengue fever

IBM to help find effective treatment for dengue fever

Chennai, 19 September IBM to help find effective treatment for dengue fever by inhibiting the replication. This is in collaboration with University of Texas and University of Chicago.

The project, ‘Discovering Dengue Drugs--Together´ would use the computational research power of World Community Grid to find best combinations of drug molecules for dengue, West Nile encephalitis, yellow fever and Hepatitis C.

Once these commbinations were identified, researchers could test the drugs to determine their effectiveness, a statement from the industry major said.

Commenting on the initiative, Maharaj Kishan Bhan, Secretary, Department of Biotechnology, Union Ministry of Science and Technology, said the World Community Grid was a good step in treating viral diseases such as dengue which were causing serious concern.

“Continued research and global collaboration is needed so that scientists can better understand these viruses and then develop treatments that could save many lives".

The project needed 50,000 years of computational power and on the World Community grid, it was expected to be completed in around one year.

In the first phase of the project, the proteins that enable the virus to replicate will be identified and matched against a database of six million drug molecules that might inhibit the replication, the statement said.

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