London: In the wake of frequent delays of Air India flights, a London-based NRI has launched a blog asking the airliner’s harried passengers to share their woes with public.

Not the Maharaja way: Bad experience aboard an Air India flight will now find place in cyberspace

“The blog is inviting passengers to record their experiences of traveling with Air India. The is also conducting a web-poll about the attitude of Air India staff, asking questions such as -- Is the Air India staff efficient, polite and courteous?" Vijay Rana, founder editor of the website said in a statement.

This weekend five Air India flights were grounded for hours and passengers left stranded at the New Delhi airport. “There was no food, no water and nobody to care about the mother and children traveling to long distances like London and Toronto," Rana stated.

He said, “The blog is also supported by the Campaign for Public Accountability in India, a newly formed group of Indian citizens and the NRIs from the UK and the US."

Rana said, “We decided to support this blog idea as we feel that in this age of Internet people have a powerful medium to expose organizations that fail to deliver service and lack customer satisfaction. Besides criticism we would love to hear some constructive suggestions how companies like Air India can improve their service."