IBM announces launch of new storage hardware

IBM announces launch of new storage hardware

Bangalore: IBM announced its largest launch ever of new storage hardware, software and services that it said would enable businesses, governments and other institutions to transform static data into more dynamic information that is accessible in a cloud computing environment.

Backed by an investment of $2 billion over three years, the new portfolio would further strengthen IBM’s position as the world’s leading provider of information infrastructure offerings, the company said in a statement.

With the proliferation of the mobile web, the average individual’s ‘information footprint’ — the digitisation of entertainment, healthcare, security, social networking, retail preferences — would grow from one terabyte (about 50,000 trees cut and printed) per year to more than 16 terabytes by 2020, according to IBM.

“As India goes through a radical shift away from the decades-old client/server model to a radically more efficient Internet-style architecture, we have taken a giant leap to address foreseen customer challenges with the new information infrastructure launch. With our future investments and key acquisitions throughout the last 24 months we have cemented our strategy to provide information on demand", said Shashi B. Mal, Director, Systems and Technology Group, IBM India/South Asia.

Mal said that there is no bigger opportunity for the company’s clients than to unlock the value they have in their data centres and help them create smart, innovative offerings for their end users — the consumer.