Pollux: organizing your music gets easy

Pollux: organizing your music gets easy

It’s the perpetual bane of having a large music library.

Something somewhere, buried within a labyrinth of subfolders, is called just ‘Track 1’ and you can’t for the life of you figure out what its supposed to be.

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Enter Pollux. It’s a nifty tool that clings to your iTunes (its currently mac only, but expect a PC port soonish) and automates the process of identifying your songs. It’ll get lyrics, artist info, and album art turning your legions of Track 1s into a neat, organized library.

How does it do this? Through clever use of third-party libraries - MusicBrainz, an open source music library, and Music DNS, which uses an acoustic ‘fingerprint’ technology to identify any (English/European) song you throw at it.

We spoke to Chetan Surpur and Shashwat Kandadai, the developers of Pollux, on the challenges of automatic music organization, the huge response to Pollux, and why Bollywood still doesn’t have a home on the Internet.