New Delhi: The Department of telecom (DoT) has decided to submit all recommendations of regulator Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) within 60 days of receiving them, along with detailed analysis, to an inter-ministerial telecom commission.

“The recommendations of the Trai alongwith a detailed analysis, and consolidated views of the Department of Telecom will be the chairman, telecom commission and secretary, DoT...expeditiously, but not later than 60 days from the date of receipt of recommendations in the department," DoT said in an internal communication.

The move follows the recommendation of a joint parliamentary committee (JPC) to bring an amendment in the Trai Act for time-bound decision on the recommendations given by Trai.

That apart, the Supreme Court (SC) in an order cancelling 122 2G (second generation spectrum) licences in 2008 had noted that some crucial recommendations of Trai were either not placed before the telecom commission or they were not handled properly.

The 20-member JPC headed by member of Parliament P.C. Chacko was formed to look into policy gaps that lead to irregularity in allocation of spectrum and licence in 2008.

The JPC submitted its report to Parliament in October.

Under the code of conduct, the division studying Trai’s recommendation can seek some extra time to submit a report but it has to submit reasons before the chairman of the telecom commission or the telecom secretary to seek the extension within the stipulated 60 days.

The JPC had recommended amending the Trai Act for time-bound dealing of Trai recommendations and mandatorily placing them before the telecom commission.

However, after various levels of discussion, DoT has concluded that there is no need to do that as long as the manner and timeframe to deal with it can be done through instructions.