Catch the Manthan winners in action

Catch the Manthan winners in action


Winner: Nepal Wireless

Founder: Dr. Mahabir Pun

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Description : Nepal Wireless is a social enterprise that provides Internet access, electronic commerce, education, telemedicine and other services to a number of remote villages in Nepal, using wireless technologies.

Quote from the person: “We started with one village but at present more than 100 villages in 13 districts of Nepal have been connected through Nepal Wireless. I think the future lies in mobile technology as it is not possible to build optical fibers in every part of the country to bring broadband. At the end we have to use wireless to reach even the remotest of village in a country", says Dr. Mahabir Pun.


Winner: Reuters Market Light

Founder: Amit Mehra

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Description : Reuters Market Light is a subscription-based service that provides highly customized and localized agricultural information to Indian farmers using mobile phones messaging services.

Quote “Agriculture being seasonal makes it even more important for the farmers to have basic information about the seeds that they are growing and what practices should they follow during growing and harvesting and also other important information about weather, market prices etc. An independent research has shown that there are thousands of farmers in various states in India who actually wait for the RML information to take any critical decisions regarding their agriculture." says Rantej Singh, Consultant, Institutional Relations, Reuters Market Light.


Winner: Guruji

Founder: Jugal K. Gupta

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Description :Guruji is a teaching device that consists of an inexpensive LED-based blackboard that plays inbuilt audio-visual lessons repeatedly which enables a child to learn to read, write, speak, count, subtract, multiply and divide effortlessly.

Quote: “An illiterate child is not really an uneducated child. He/she knows the language and is very much aware of the grammar of that particular language. What he doesn’t know is the script and how to write that can be easily taught with e device like Guruji", says Jugal K. Gupta.


Winner: Aporv

Founder: Sudip Dutta

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Description :Aporv is an online portal that gives handicraft lovers all over the world easy access to a unique collection of ancient, modern as well as contemporary Indian art.

Quote: “Our purpose is not to just sell the handicrafts to people but to help them make an educated choice which we do by telling them the history and heritage of the handicraft which not makes the customer aware but also helps us to preserve the dying art and culture of our country", says Sudip Dutta.