Drag and drop and deliver

Drag and drop and deliver

There can’t be another Windows application this uncomplicated. From downloading File Blender, a Kate Moss-ish 5 MB download, to installing and then using the application, File Blender is a series of wow moments.

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Unzip the download into a folder and you have an application that requires no installation. Double-click the .exe file to launch what looks like an entirely pointless little window. A rectangle of gray. But drag and drop audio, image or PDF files onto this sliver of Window, and magic happens.

File Blender can convert audio and resize or convert image files in seconds. You can convert audio files from and into any of MP3, WAV, FLAC and Ogg formats. Image formats handled include JPG, GIF, TIF, BMP and PNG.

But the function we really liked was they way File Blender can split multipage PDFs into pieces. And then combined them again into a single file later. Manipulating PDF files has never been so easy, or so legally free.

Watch the latest episode of Playstream to see a demo of File Blender, one of the best pieces of Windows freeware we’ve used in ages.