New game celebrates Indian arranged weddings

New game celebrates Indian arranged weddings

New Delhi: You can participate in the wedding season now by clicking on the mouse and going through a vigorous series of ‘online stages’ that go into making the great Indian wedding. has launched the ‘Great Indian Arranged Marriage’ – a game showcasing India’s rich cultural heritage.

Celebrating the sacred union of two hearts in typical Indian fashion, it takes the player through different levels as s/he participates in a virtual array of Indian wedding festivities, rituals and ceremonies.

Retaining a witty theme, its narrative starts from the girl and boy (prospective bride and groom) talking on the phone for the first time and concludes with the alls-well-that-ends-well wedding reception.

Each level sports a different game-play mechanic starting from the question and answers in the first level which is the phone call going on to level 2 which is the first date where selecting the right outfit is critical; level 3 which is the engagement where rings are exchanged after the best ring is selected; level 4 is the mehndi ceremony and is a precision mechanic where you use the mouse to apply a colourful pattern on the bride’s hand, level 5 is the Sangeet (Musical) which sports a management mechanic which forces users to manage the stamina of all the people on the dance floor, level 6 is the actual Lagan (Wedding) the twist to this level is that you have to find the groom’s shoes which are hidden in the Mandap (Wedding Altar) and the final level is the Wedding Reception, where the groom tries to feed his bride a ladoo (sweet meat) but the challenge is to do it without people looking.

Controlled by different movements and clicks of mouse buttons, the game uses comic art and music style which players, married or not, are likely to find amusing.